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Babelle Returns!

Fri 5 January 2018
Babelle Returns!

Babelle is a French owned, London based company, inspired by the mythical story of “Babel”, a place where the world first met and exchanged exotic goods despite the confusion created by the different languages spoken. Babelle acts as a bridge to sweet indulgence, offering a combination of classic and innovative culinary techniques to create a unique product

They will be selling their delicious products in the reception of 5 Merchant Square on the following dates between 11AM – 2PM:

Thursday 18th January

Thursday 8th February

Thursday 22nd March

Tuesday 24th April

Tuesday 21st May

Friday 22nd June

Tuesday 17th July

Tuesday 7th August

Wednesday 12th August

Wednesday 3rd October

Tuesday 20th November

Wednesday 12th December