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Make the famous ‘Dalgona Coffee’

Thu 16 April 2020
Make the famous ‘Dalgona Coffee’
Who has tried the famous “Dalgona Coffee” ?
The perfect cold drink to try at home!
To make this famous iced coffee you need:
– Instant Coffee
– Sugar
– Water
– Your choice of milk
– Ice
1. In a bowl add together 2x tablespoons of your instant coffee, 2x tablespoons of sugar and 2x tablespoons of water.
2. Whisk together for a couple of minutes until it turns in a smooth brown consistency.
3. Prepare your glass with the milk of your choice (You can make it vegan with soy milk or other alternatives).
4. Scoop the mixture on top of your milk and stir until it’s mixed together creating one creamy brown liquid!
Then you can enjoy and thank us later!

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