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As the community at Merchant Square continues to grow, so does the understanding of having a long-term plan in place to create a more sustainable place to work, live and visit. By working together, we are creating a Canalside Community that will continue to grow whilst having minimal impact on the environment.
Your Green Team

Your Green Team

The team at Merchant Square are passionate about being as green as possible – even down to the green jackets the onsite team wear!

Fast facts:
• We have 11 acres of public realm
• 75% of Canal Green Waste gets turned into compost
• In 2019 we planted 30 trees
• Won the VSG Securing Stars Award for Sustainability

Green and Blue Spaces

Green and Blue Spaces

Once an industrial hub, Merchant Square has transformed Paddington Basin into a destination that has both plenty green and blue spaces.

The 11-acre site has been made attractive, safe and accessible by carefully creating a high-quality public realm including lawns, public spaces, paving, lighting and bridges along the old tow path, connecting the Basin through to Paddington Station.


Sustainable Living Sustainable Living Sustainable Living

Sustainable Living

Floating Pocket Park

Opened in 2017, London’s first Floating Pocket Park is a space widely used by workers, residents and visitors. Floating on the water the park has ample seating plus a dedicated wildlife island planted with native waterside plants which attract birds to nest. Some of the wildflowers include Devils Bit Scabious, Great Burnet and Ragged Robin. The wildlife island is carefully managed to ensure that nesting birds aren’t disturbed and that plants can freely seed and keep their seed heads in winter as a source of food for birds.

In 2018 the Floating Pocket Park was awarded with the Built Environment Award from the Canal and River Trust highlighting how the space brought communities and organisations together creating a vibrant and thriving space enriching lives and the area.

GoBoat London

Working with the Paddington BID, Merchant Square became home to GoBoat which introduced over 80,000 visitors to the estate in 2019. Made out of 80% recycled plastic bottles, running off electric engines and sustainably made in Denmark, GoBoat provides new networks to other canal-side communities and makes the waterways accessible to all.


75% of Canal Green waste gets turned into compost and 100% green waste from the grounds is turned in compost.

From 2016 all cigarette waste is recycled into a variety of useful plastic products and tobacco and paper gets recycled as compost.


We are very excited to share than we have won a SILVER award at the Green Apple Environment Awards 2020 in the Property & Estate Management/Conservation & Wildlife Category.
Our piece was on how the ‘Merchant Square Community Keeps the Blue Space Clean’ which was great to be recognised for!

Alongside our Floating Pocket Park, we have a nesting island with access for geese, swans, coots and other wildlife to enjoy the space and nest in peace. Wildflowers such as Devils Bit Scabious, Great Burnet and Ragged Robin can also be found and allowing these species to not be disturbed lets them freely seed, keep their seed heads in winter and provide a source of food for birds.


Merchant Square is well connected with Paddington Central train station and Edgware Road station at either ends of the estate. The estate itself is a car free zone and there are ample bike spaces around the estate.

Power and Energy Power and Energy Power and Energy

Power and Energy

5 Merchant Square is fed on CHP from 3 Merchant Square using combined heat power.

Ultra-sonic units
We have installed Ultra-sonic units in the Canal at Paddington Basin, these units provide an environmentally friendly solution to control algae in lakes and canals.

Earth Hour
Every year we participate in WWF’s Earth Hour turning off as many lights as possible across the Estate and Buildings.

Energy Saving Lights
It’s not just Earth Hour where we try to make a difference; we have energy saving lighting installed in a number of locations and more to come! We also have PIRs (Passive Infrared Sensors) installed in a number of locations meaning that the lights are turned off until the sensor detects there is movement in the area.

Batteries & Ink Cartridges
The team recycles batteries and ink cartridges on site in in 2019 recycled 100kg of these goods.

5 Merchant Square
Over £16,000 of savings have been made based on 24 hour running per annum with the change of converting to LED in the building.

In 2018, the BMS was optimised for fresh air intake to cool the building during summer.

Over the last 5 years PIR has been installed where possible.

Future of Merchant Square

Future of Merchant Square

The Merchant Square team gets many comments of how much the area has improved, how great it is to work in, live and visit and we make sure that we upkeep this up by regularly cleaning, carrying out maintenance and looking after the plants to ensure guests are immersed in the best possible environment especially when taking party in life enriching and psychical activities.

As the estate continues to grow with 3 more buildings due to be added to the estate also expanding the square footage, European Land are now currently working on constructing a sustainable commercial building for 2 Merchant Square which is to commence development in Summer 2020.

We continue to strive in finding new opportunities be more energy efficient and sustainable through new technologies and better education and are also open to any suggestions from our community.

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